Moving is the Worst

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Moving is probably my least favorite thing to do. Although I enjoy living in new places even if it's just a few blocks away, I hate the actual process of packing all of my items and transporting them to the new location. This time moving is an even bigger pain-in-the-ass because my family no longer lives close by and there are a couple weeks between my move-out date for my current apartment and my move-in date for my new apartment. I can't just move out of my current apartment and into my new apartment and I wasn't sure of a good storage unit, so Paul and his family offered their house for me. I am so thankful that I have several friends who have offered to take care of some items for me so Paul doesn't have to fill his entire bedroom with my crap.
If you don't already know about my apartment situation, let me offer you a quick summary: we were supposed to move in on Aug. 17, but there were delays and we'll be in a hotel from Aug. 17th until whenever our apartment is complete. As understanding and positive as I've tried to be, it still sucks. I realize that there is only so much that administration can do about construction, and I am appreciative of how accommodating they have tried to be.

Between the living situation and not being with my family, this has been the most stressful move of my life so far. This Thursday I will go spend a few days at the beach with Paul and his family. I'll visit my family for a week or so before returning to NC, helping Paul move into his dorm, and moving into the hotel until further notice. It's not ideal, but it will do. It's a great excuse to explore Carrboro, the city next to Chapel Hill, and it'll give me something to blog about.

Also just throwing out there how much it sucks to move.  You realize that you're a disgusting hoarder and you kind of sneeze a lot because there's so much dust.  Also if you're anything like me you realize that you also kind of tend to panic when there are important situations like this.  It's no bueno.

Just wish me luck and cross your fingers that I don't go crazy trying to pack my things as efficiently as possible.
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  1. I feel ya! As fun as it is to experience a new place, the process of moving is just not fun. We always end up with at least a couple of boxes of stuff to donate after each month too. If there is anything that makes you want to downsize, it's moving haha. At least you have a beach weekend to look forward to!

  2. Oh geez good luck with the move girl. I'm sure your new place will be well worth the wait!