Planning Your Semester

12:00 AM

As the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year approaches, I'm still trying to perfect my schedule. It's a process that basically doesn't end until there's no longer the option of adding or dropping classes. The best advice I can give to people trying to create the perfect schedule is to balance major requirements with general education requirements. It can be overwhelming to only take classes that you need for your major, but it's also fairly worrisome to feel like you might fall behind on your classes. You want to graduate on time, but you don't want to feel stressed. Since I have two majors, I try to take one class for one major and two classes for my other major. I also add three electives or general education requirements. My next tip is also something I feel is very important: add fifteen hours even if you think you only want to take twelve. You might find that you want to stay in all five classes, but you also have the option of dropping a class while still being a full-time student. While choosing these classes, consider your personality and preferences. If you want your afternoons to be free, try morning classes. If you know you want long weekends, see if you can take classes that don't occur on Fridays. My final piece of advice is to relax and expect that you probably won't ever get an ideal schedule. Just make back-up schedules when you're planning your semester, and remember that you have plenty of time to get everything taken care of.

In summary:
- Balance your major classes with electives and general education requirements.
- Take slightly more hours than you want to so you can drop a class without worrying about your hours.
- Make sure your schedule fits your needs and personality.
- When you're planning your schedule, make back-up schedules.
- R E L A X, it will all work out!
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  1. Good luck with your semester!!

    I can't say that I miss college, but I do miss the excitement of the beginning of the school year... I just don't miss the homework. :-)