10 Study Space Necessities

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*Today's post is sponsored by Kleenex + Walmart.  All opinions are my own.
Kleenex, Walmart, Walmart Supercenters, college, back to school
hole punch - hand sanitizer - magnetic clips - index cards - milk crate
index card holder - paper clips - multicolored pens - pencil case - Kleenex
My family and I have always done most of our back-to-school shopping, and that didn't change when I went to college.  I have always loved their wide selection of school and office supplies, and now I'm beginning to love their selection of necessities for the home as well.  I still shop their for back-to-school needs, and now that I'm in an apartment I have to buy things for that too.  While I was buying school supplies for my study space, I also bought a Perfect Fit 3-pack of Kleenex.  One pack for my desk, one pack for my bathroom, and one pack for the living room.  The beautiful patterns and sleek designs mean you can stick these pretty much anywhere.  You can find these or Kleenex Expressions Oval Facial Tissue products in chevron designs.  They're Walmart exclusives and they're only available for a limited time, so I suggest you look for them the next time you're running errands or shopping for your college necessities.
Kleenex, Walmart, Walmart Supercenters, college, back to school
The brown design will look great with the animal print theme of my bedroom, and I think the floral pattern will look beautiful in the living room.  We're planning on decorating with blues and neutrals, so it should be perfect!  The third print with the wavy lines, one of my favorites, will be in my bathroom.  Check out the Perfect Fit packs as well as the Oval Expressions designs, available at Walmart Supercenters!
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