11 signs you're a blogger.

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O N E : You spend just as much time photographing your meals, snacks, and beverages as you do actually consuming them. This is especially true for Starbucks and Chipotle. When you eat or drink something particularly yummy and homemade, you do a recipe post because you're officially a chef.  Actually, you spend a lot of time photographing anything because it just might come in handy for a future post.
Blogging is My Cardio, I Wore Yoga Pants shirt, IWYP, IWYP shirt
T W O : Taking pictures of yourself is something you do regularly, often with the excuse that it's "for my blog". If someone hates on selfies, you're the first to defend them. Because, you know, it's for the blog. Oh, and you not-so-secretly enjoy them.

T H R E E : Approximately one-fourth of each paycheck is dedicated to Target as is ten hours of each week. You could practically live in there, and you basically do.


F I V E : If it's cute or pretty or edgy or preppy we love it and we need you to know that we love it and we want you to know where you can find everything that we love.

S I X : Receiving emails from unrecognizable email addresses (AKA sponsors or blog comments) is more exciting than anything else in that inbox. 
Michaels, stationary, monogram, silver, mint
S E V E N : Speaking of mail, you probably have a collection of pretty notecards you have no use for because they were only $1 at Michaels or Target. You can't pass that up.

E I G H T : Anything can be a blog post. You're probably the most optimistic person in your friend group, always stating that something is an adventure or a lesson. Translation: this would be an awesome blog post.

N I N E : You know more about bloggers lives than some people you know in-person. And you talk about it as if they're people you've grown up with. 

T E N : You have days where you want to hurl your laptop at the wall because you don't know what to write, followed by days where you write tons of drafts and ideas. And then days where you delete all of your drafts because you hate them, say screw it, and make a list instead. Which is fine, because you really do love lists.
Lilly Pulitzer, planner, Lilly Pulitzer planner, Hot Spot, Sharpie, Sharpie pens
E L E V E N : And planners. We really love planners.
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  1. Well, that pretty much sums it up...
    The Accidental Mama

  2. Hahaha I love this! So true!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  3. Fun post!

    Except for the selfie bit, all of the above: true ,true, true!

    Lol..Need to work up some selfie love!


  4. The last two are so true! Lists are my crack and I can't go one day without writing my planner.

  5. I love the random / creeper emails that would freak anyone else out but that bloggers love!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  6. Eleven: And planners. We really love planners.

    But actually... so true! And hilarious!

    La Vie en Zoe

  7. I chuckled reading this list because you are so right!! especially 4 and 6 lol and i have lists everywhere!

  8. Added your blog to my favorites on the side bar of my blog! Always love checking out your posts!
    -Bailey from crispinthefalll.blogspot.com

  9. Oh yes yes! This is my life. I love everything about this post; almost as much as I love target & gold ;)

    It is sad how much time is spent taking pictures just in case, especially good. Great post girl!

  10. #9 all the way!! These are too true!