Six Months & Six Things I Love

7:00 AM

one. He brings me surprises. I always told my friends that all I want in a guy is someone who will bring me Starbucks on a bad day. Guess who showed up at my workplace with an iced vanilla macchiato. He also picked me up from the airport once, and handed me Twizzlers and Sour Patch Kids as soon as I got in the car. Granted, he did end up eating all of my sour patch kids while I was in class... I'm a firm believer that the little things are often the best, and he never hesitates to do the little things for me.

two. He takes the time to remind me how much he loves me and our relationship. Every guy should do this when he says he cares about you, but not all do. And not everyone knows when you need to hear it most. Paul has a way of saying exactly what I need to hear, and he actually enjoys reminding me that he loves me. I require a lot of reassurance, and he has no problem giving it to me.
three. Even though we're in a relationship so he doesn't really have to try anymore, he still wants to date me and flirt with me. This might sound like a strange thing to bring up, but I've heard from other people that sometimes couples get too comfortable in their relationships and don't do the things that brought them together. We still have date nights and compliment each other in our silly little ways. Every time I see him after time apart or go to dinner with him, I get those same feelings that I had when we first started dating.

four. He genuinely cares about the things that are important to me. Whether it's my blog, my family or my classes, he wants to know what's going on in my life. When I think it goes in one ear and out the other, he proves me wrong by bringing it up some other time. We care about what is going on in the other person's life, and we support each other in every way possible.
five. He has seen me at my best, and he's previewed my worst. He knows about my intense love for animals and how much I genuinely care about people. He knows that I have a tendency to be anal about my planner and he's watched me cry over a break-up scenario I've completely made-up in my mind. Weirdly enough, he hasn't run away.

six. At the end of the day, he is the last thing I think about. He is in many of my dreams. He's the first person I text every morning. I tell him everything, even if he probably doesn't want to hear about it. Basically, he's my best friend.  He is everything I always knew I wanted, and more than what I could ever deserve.

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  1. This was such a cute post and I'm so happy that you have found someone who makes you happy! This post was extremely well written and the photos brought the whole post together! x

    Love Simmy x

  2. this is such a cute post! congrats on your anniversary!

  3. It's amazing how it really is all about the little things they do isn't it? Congrats girl and here is to many more!

  4. aww this is lovely! congrats on your 6 months! may you two be happy together for a long, long time!