The best way to tackle your bucket list.

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If you're reading this you're probably either a) a blogger, b) a college student, or c) both.  That usually means you also really love making lists and writing in your planner.  You also love doing things worth blogging or Instagraming or just literally anything that isn't sitting around.  Tons of people make bucket lists.  I always want to make those 101 in 1001 lists or follow a seasonal bucket list or simply stick to an Instagram photo challenge.  You're going to think these things are simple.  If you really want to do them then you just will, right?  Sadly sometimes these things aren't really at the top of our priority list when we're stressed or busy, even though they're simple things that won't take much time.  I have three suggestions that might make it easier for you to tackle any to-do list, even if it's something as simple as a photo-a-day challenge!
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Put the list in as many places as possible.
Print out a copy and stick it in your bedroom.  Print out another copy and put it in your bag.  Save a copy to your computer desktop, save a copy to your phone home screen.  This may seem a little excessive or extreme, but it's the best way to remind yourself that there are actually fun things to be done as well.

Use your planning obsession to your advantage.
If you know you want to do something that's limited, like a fall-related activity, then make sure you plan it out.  You can be spontaneous if you want, but there are only so many days that corn mazes are open.  If you're anything like me you use a paper planner and an electronic version.  So fill your Lilly Pulitzer and your Google Calendar with the things you want to do with tentative dates of when you want to do them.  There's are chances that you'll need to reschedule or you'll just change your mind, but it's still great to have some sort of plan.

Have someone else do it with you.
One of the biggest tips about working out is having someone with you so you feel more pressure to get ish done.  So why not do that with your fun tasks, too?  Enlist the help of your friends, your roommates, or even your partner to get things crossed off of your list!  You're bound to find at least one person who wants to do the same things you want to do, and they tend to be more fun with others anyways!

I don't mean to make bucket lists sound like an over-controlled chore, but I find that I have to have some sort of plan to get things done.  A plan besides "Oh, I want to do this at some point."  Do you have a bucket list?  How do you accomplish things on it?
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  1. Having someone else helping, or even knowing about the list has always helped me a lot. Definitely holds you more accountable!

    Never tried making multiple lists to post everywhere, but seems like a great idea! I'm going to have to try that from now on.

  2. I love making lists! I make weekly goals, monthly goals, yearly goals, etc. I'm definitely going to use your tip on placing the list as many places as possible. Thanks! :)