7 date ideas for college students.

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Take me out to the ball game!
Most of us won't have the opportunity to go to sporting events for free after we graduate, so take advantage of that while you can. College football and college basketball make for really exciting games, and they're always a good excuse for a couple of beers and a mini photo shoot. No home game? Find your team on tv or watch a good game while you eat snacks and enjoy the afternoon!

See what's going on around campus. 
There is always something going on on a college campus. Whether it's a lecture, a 5k, or a cultural event there is usually something interesting happening on any given day. Many of these are inexpensive or free, so you don't have to worry much about money.

Take advantage of your student discount.
A lot of places offer student discounts like restaurants, museums, and shops. If you have a car or access to public transportation, you can easily take advantage of these deals. If you aren't sure if they have a discount, it doesn't hurt to ask!
What does the University offer?
This is similar to what's going on around campus, but your college probably has specific discounts and deals for their students. Our art museum is free to the public, and our performing arts centers offer discounted student tickets. We can see plays, symphonies, ballets, and other performances for great prices. If your college has a planetarium, that's also a great option.

Have a picnic.
Isn't it cheesy and cliche and oh-so-romantic? Take advantage of the beautiful parts of your campus by packing a lunch and relaxing in the grass.  If a picnic just isn't your style, cook a meal together at home. 

Grab a coffee and go to the library.
You have to study anyways, so you might as well make a date out of it. Wear comfortable clothes, drink plenty of caffeine, and find the perfect spot in the library. When you need some moral support, your significant other is right there for you.
Walk around your campus.
This works best if you and your partner don't go to the same school so the campus tour will be pretty new to you, but I guarantee the two of you know something about the campus that the other doesn't. Show your partner your favorite spot on campus or the path you take to get to classes. Wander around and stumble upon things you might have missed. 
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  1. These are such cute ideas! I like the one about taking a walk!