Can it please just be fall already?

12:00 AM

Michael's has orange and black all around their store, and Pinterest is full of pumpkins and "original" costume ideas!  If they're already celebrating fall, why can't we?  It's my favorite season, and everyone knows that fall clothing is the cutest.  Plus, I know all of you absolutely love pumpkin spice lattes and love dressing up for Halloween.  I'm always trying to create the perfect fall bucket list, and then I saw this one.  Why reinvent the wheel?  I think that's a saying.  If not, I think you know what I'm going for.  I'm really excited for fall, and I hope all of your are too.  I'm also pretty excited for the holiday season, but I'll give that some more time.  I hope my roommates, friends, and boyfriend are all ready for this fall because I plan on doing most of these things.  And then adding some along the way!  I have decided that this starts today and ends on Black Friday, because everything after that and before 26 December is just Christmas.
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  1. I'm definitely ready for fall to be here already! I love so many things on this fall bucket list! Watching Hocus Pocus is obviously a MUST!

  2. Fall is my favorite season by far, it always feel like a new beginning when the season changes. I don't know, maybe that's just me, but I seem to be even more excited for fall this year than usual. I've even already done like 4 of the things on that list...haha. Might need to save this list and see how many more I can do! Need to add- walk through a corn maze on this list though!
    I have all of the old Disney halloween movies on DVD, the ones I grew up watching (Hocus Pocus is one of them), I've been trying to hold off watching them until October but we'll see how far I get ;)

    xx Sarah

  3. Hi there! Just popping in to say I love your Fall List! I may have to create my own since I know there is no way I would get my hubby in a couples costume... maybe my dog though ;)