How is it already October?

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Did September even happen?  And home come my October already seems so busy?  Monday night I opened my planner to look at the new month, and I immediately felt as if fall was going to turn into winter before I even had a chance to jump in a pile of leaves.  I wanted to plan out every second of the month to make sure I took advantage of it instead of sleeping the days away like I did in September.  I'm looking into the NC state fair, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, haunted houses.  I booked a plane ticket to go home and I made plans for Thanksgiving.  I'm trying to figure out what I'll be for Halloween.  This is the beginning of my favorite season, the holiday season.  This is when people feel festive and excited.  We dress up.  We pick apples and carve pumpkins.  We visit family and friends.  We search for Christmas presents.  In the traditional way of bloggers, here's a list of all the wonderful fall stuff I want to do in October, complete with a stereotypical fall picture from last year.

North Carolina State Fair.  If you've ever been to your State Fair, you understand why I want to go.  There's something so wonderful about the smell of deep-fried candy bars and the sight of barely-safe carnival rides.

Decorate a pumpkin.  Ideally, I would go to a pumpkin patch so I could also do a corn maze.  If that isn't a possibility, I'll resort to getting a pumpkin from a farmer's market or a craft store.  I just really need to make a pretty pumpkin.

Make at least five fall-themed recipes.  Even if it's something like a yummy drink that requires few ingredients, I want to make fall things!  I secretly want to pick my own apples and incorporate those.

Celebrate my last year of Franklin St Halloween.  Here, Halloween on Franklin St is a big deal.  The entire street shuts down, and people in costumes wander up and down the street.  I hear being 21 makes it even more fun.

Post a couple outfit posts.  I don't know if this will happen because I'm not exactly fashionable.  In fact, I would wear spirit jerseys and norts every day if I could.

Visit my family.  I'm going home for fall break!  After considering when I should come home and deciding between Thanksgiving break and fall break, my mom and I decided that this option made more sense.
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