Oh look, a weekend recap.

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I was feeling overwhelmingly original yesterday when I sat down to blog for the upcoming week, resulting in a weekend recap post today.  Because I know you can't get enough of them today.  This weekend was actually quite exciting for me because I finally got to move into my apartment!  After a quick shift at the library on Friday morning, Paul and I moved some of my stuff from the hotel to my new temporary home.  It was maybe 1/4th of my stuff, most of which is still at his parents' house or in their storage unit because they're so kind.  My apartment is nowhere near being settled since all of my roommates and I have been busy, but I will be posting about it once it's done.  Until then, here's a little preview.
After getting settled in, Paul and I took some time make the first dinner in the apartment.  Pasta is the easiest meal to make in college, just a heads up.  I just couldn't bring myself to eat out again after being in the hotel.  The next day we did a few more things and then headed to NCSU for the NCSU versus ODU game.  It was our first time going to a State game, so we couldn't wait to see how it would be.
P.S. It's our 7 month anniversary today!
After a little bit of tailgating we watched the game until halftime, because we needed Chipotle and that is not something they offer at Carter Finley.  Just an FYI, they don't offer alcoholic beverages either.  I checked.  Paul and I had a great weekend together, and I'm always sad when it has to end.  But sadly we both had a ton of homework to do for this week, and we needed to get ready for the busy week ahead of us.  We took some more of my stuff to my apartment, which probably made his room look even bigger than it already did.  I basically decided that I didn't care about unpacking anymore, which is bad because I have a ton left to do, and called it a day.  Instead, I made a panini on my new George Foreman grill.
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