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Honestly, I can't keep track of my present life and for that reason I spend a lot of time fantasizing about my future.  I absolutely love my life, and I try to live in the moment as much as possible.  Truth be told, I've always been a planner.  If I could schedule in absolutely everything, even the unexpected, I absolutely would.  Instead I have to just keep working hard and enjoying life today so one day I can have the future that I want.

One day I'll have the career that I want.  I'll work with children, preferably in an elementary school, to better their lives.  Childhood is such a confusing and stressful time, even if we don't think of it as such, and I think a lot of problems stem from childhood even if you have an amazing home and life.   I especially hope to work in areas with military dependents.  I'm still in my senior year of my undergraduate degree, and will have to complete two years of graduate school to get a Master of Social Work.

One day I'll have a wonderful husband and children.  Paul and I aren't ready for either of those changes, and this isn't something that I want for a while.  It's still something that I consider every now and then because if I want to eventually have a husband, I have to constantly work to better my relationship with Paul.  As we mature, so do our relationship goals.  We're perfectly happy with where we are, but we (or at least I) will eventually want something more.
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One day I'll have an adorable dog and hopefully a hedgehog.  I love animals.  Not in the activist/PETA kind of way, but in the way that I want all of them to be happy and to live with me.  I always joke around that I'm going to have a mini petting zoo when I have my own place.  But then I probably wouldn't have a husband...  Lately I've seen a couple of posts about getting a breeder dog or an adopted dog, and it's really made me think.  I can't have an animal in my apartment right now.  My contract says so, and it's honestly just not fair for them because I can't be around as often as I should.

One day I'll have a blog that people adore.  My absolute favorite blogs tend to be the lifestyle blogs of women who are mid-to-late-twenties, many of them married with puppies but no kids.  Of course there are exceptions to this generalization.  It seems like adult and married life give you more to blog about.  I feel like no one wants to read about how my life sucks because blah blah exam blah blah paper blah blah blah.  I wish I could just piece together aspects of my favorite blogs.  But I can't, so I guess I should just work on bettering my content and you know, taking pictures for my posts.  Bloggers love pictures.
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One day I'll travel the country and the world.  But I'm broke and I don't have that kind of time and I don't even have a car.  I would love to explore NC a little more and eventually expand my adventures, but right now that just isn't a possibility.  Right now I try to take advantage of any opportunity to see new places or to even learn about new places.
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  1. I love this! I especially love the quote that says once a year, go somewhere you haven't been before! That's my goal for every year. :)

  2. I really related to a lot of things that you wrote in this post. I'm still in college, not yet ready for marriage with my boyfriend, and love the same type of blogs you do. Only real difference is that I have a dog and a hedgehog. Your blog is one of my favorites because of the relataility. Seriously love it!

  3. I love the idea of going somewhere new once a year!