We can be friends if...

3:20 PM

Your drink of choice is Fireball.  I don't care how you take it.
You truly enjoy Mexican food.  I will also accept Chinese food.
You can somehow slip "No Scrub" lyrics into casual conversation.
You like visiting museums or aquariums or zoos.
You also have a tendency to stop what you're doing to announce the presence of a cute animal.
You don't feel complete unless you have your planner with you.
You think pants are the absolute worst, unless they are leggings serving as pants.
You enjoy Starbucks and a good sale.
You agree with me that Pinterest is simultaneously the best and worst thing to happen to us.
You are basically addicted to anything salty or sweet.
You realize that profanity is bad, but you just don't give a damn.
You get super giddy about holidays.
You have two different levels: lazy or productive, both to an impressive extent.
You can appreciate the art that is couponing.
You at least tolerate tattoos. Bonus points if you like them. Instant BFF status if you have one.
You are sometimes extremely childish including, but not limited to: jumping in puddles, taking naps, eating nugs for every meal.
You really should eat nugs for every meal.
You think that soft, warm cookies are the meaning of life.
You love fall the most because the other seasons suck.
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  1. John started a sentence (taking about Hawkeye) with "she was hanging out the passenger side..." it was all downhill from there. I couldn't stop myself.

  2. We can definitely be friends. I'm pretty sure we've established that before but in case you're wondering, we can. Also I love this idea and may need to steal it eventually.

    xoxo Jenny

  3. Sign me up for bestie status because... Oh my lawd- yes and yes to the lazy or productive and no inbetween. And I do love tattoos, I wish my man was covered. I have four and want more. And a big yes to the no scrubs and shit.

  4. We could totally be friends. We can grab Starbucks and spend the day shopping the sales/tackling pinterest projects (while wearing leggings as pants) and then eat a ridiculous amount of nuggets!

  5. The only thing I don't agree with is the Mexican food, but I love Chinese so maybe things will be okay? So, let's be friends now, please.