Best apps for saving and making money.

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Swagbucks. If you follow Not Entirely Perfect, you've heard about Swagbucks. Stephanie's posts (here and here) are helpful in explaining what Swagbucks is and how to best use it. I tend to do the same thing that she does when it comes to the SwagbucksTV app. When I'm not using my phone, I let them run until I've reached the maximum amount.  I use Swagbucks on my phone and on my computer.

Ibotta, Snap, & Checkout 51. I grouped these apps together because they're all similar. These are all apps that give you money after you purchase select products, some of which are limited to a certain amount of customers or for finite amounts of time. These rewards usually range from $0.25 to $1.00. You simply choose which item you purchased and then upload the receipt. After it has been processed, you are credited with your reward. When your account reaches a certain amount you can request a check.

Shopkick. I'm new to this one, so I don't quite know all of the details yet.  I do know, however, that it's actually pretty entertaining. You earn kicks from various things, like scanning items or purchasing items. You can even link your credit or debit card so in-store purchases at select stores will earn you kicks. Kicks are changed into gift cards. It's kind of like Swagbucks! Some stores even give you kicks just for walking into the store. Flip through the app to see if there are surprise kicks waiting to be found!

Bing. I search with Google. It's just what I'm used to. When I found out that Bing offers rewards just for using their search engine, I hopped on that. These searches turn into points which eventually turn into gift cards. You can also transfer them to Swagbucks if you want to combine them.

Are there any other sites or apps that I'm missing? Do you use any of these?
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