Eight things I've learned about relationships.

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Today is the eight month mark for me and Paul.  When we started dating, I didn't realize that he would become my best friend or that I would picture him in my future.  I am beyond lucky to be in love with such an incredible guy, and to say I'm thankful is an understatement.  These past few months have been a learning experience for me, and I hope they're just the beginning of a life-long lesson.
I.  Life doesn't just stop when you're in love.  Paul and I get to see each other relatively often since we're only thirty minutes away, but we have to plan around school, work, family visits, and friends.  We have lives outside of each other, and we're well-aware of that.  It would be nice to have a weekend that doesn't involve me stressing out about something or him having to leave to study.

II.  They are hard work, but they're completely worth it.  You can't just expect someone to know how much you love them without you telling and showing them, and you can't assume that he or she will never need reminders.  Don't worry though, it's actually fun to show your significant other just how much you love them.

III.  If you love someone, you will change for the relationship.  If you think that you'll never have to change a thing about yourself, you are wrong.  Paul and I love each other for who we are, but we have also adapted to each other.  As you get to know someone, you reflect on yourself and what you like or dislike about yourself.  In my opinion, a good partner is someone who helps you grow and learn.  It's hard to stay the same while you do that.

IV.  The old saying "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" is actually quite literal.

V.  A good partner knows how to make you feel loved while also critiquing you.  I'm not saying that it's okay to tear your partner down and make them feel bad about themselves, but sometimes I need a little bit of a reality check from Paul.  If I'm wrong, I want him to tell me.  I still don't know when to use "ate" or "eaten" even though he corrects me every time.  When I have my sad or anxious moments, Paul reminds me that I'm okay and that I have people who are here for me.

VI.  Any relationship, no matter how amazing, will have arguments.  If you think that any two humans can be placed in a close proximity for an extended period of time with intense feelings for each other without arguing, you are wrong.  The key is learning what arguments need to be taken seriously and which ones need to dropped until you laugh at them later.

VII.  It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about relationships.  It's between you and your significant other.  Don't be afraid to take cheesy pictures or move too fast.  If it seems right to you and your partner, it is right.  Unless it's something illegal.  I'm not condoning that.

VIII.  You cannot possibly say "I love you" too many times.  Except when you've had a little too much to drink.
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