A (Tues)Day in the Life

12:00 AM

7:00am The first of many alarms goes off. I usually hit snooze for half an hour.

7:30am I finally roll out of bed, brush my hair, brush my teeth, get dressed... The usual morning routine.

7:45am That's about when I'm on the shuttle and headed to campus.

8:00am I don't know why I signed up for a class this early. I'm not good at mornings. I have PSYC 222, Learning. It's not really an interesting class, but I didn't want to take three psych classes my last semester of college.

9:15am As soon as I done with class I get breakfast at the dining hall and watch Criminal Minds while I eat. Sometimes I read for class, sometimes I make plans for the rest of the week.

11:00am I go to COMM 413, Critical Theory, where I learn about dead white men who were extremely hostile and angry when they were alive. I also don't understand a word they were saying.

12:30pm And then on to ANTH 331, Anthropology of Memory. This is definitely my favorite class.  It's at a good time for a college student, it makes sense, and it's just interesting.  Psychological processes have always intrigued me, but so have the perception of these processes.

1:45pm Now it's time for lunch.  That means more Criminal Minds.  If you were wondering, yes that's all I do with my time.

3:30pm COMP 101.  My busiest class of the day.  It usually means I'm making some sort of webpage with Excel or JavaScript somewhere in there.  By this time of the day, I'm mentally drained and usually physically tired.

4:45pm Depending on the day, I either leave class to go home or go to work.  If I do go to work, I work until 8:00pm.  If I don't, I go home and do whatever else.  That usually includes reading or assignments for class, planning for the next day, catching up on blogs.

So that is what I'm doing on this wonderful Tuesday, and what I'll be doing on my equally fantastic Thursday.  My Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are quite different since I don't have classes and I normally work both of my jobs.  Clearly I have quite the interesting life...
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