A Wonderful Thanksgiving

12:00 AM

Paul and I traveled up to Maryland with his parents to visit his uncle, aunt, and nephew.  They were some of the most amazing, genuine people I have ever met and I am so thankful that they welcomed me into their home.  They have a beautiful house with an organic farm, a few animals, and gorgeous land.  Paul's uncle gave us a tour of their yard, complete with a homemade duck blind that overlooked this pond.  We walked around to see their horse, chickens, and even honeybees.  I think Paul favorited the dogs, but don't tell the others that.
All around the house there were fall and Thanksgiving decorations that really put me into the spirit.  Everyone laughed and talked, sharing stories about their family and childhood.  It was such a fun way to get to know Paul's family, and their stories had me laughing.  The food was delicious, and I think I was more stuffed than the turkey (lol, Thanksgiving jokes).  I think my favorite dish was the green bean casserole, something that I've never had.  The combination of familiar dishes like mashed potatoes and new dishes like cornbread stuffing was perfect, and it made me feel even more comfortable with their family.
Maryland is beautiful.  We stayed in Ocean City and, even though I never actually saw the ocean, I could tell that it had a lot to offer.  It's definitely a place that I would visit again sometime in the future, hopefully when it's warmer outside.  I didn't mind the cold temperatures, but the wind coming off the water was pretty bitter.

While we were there, we visited Berlin, MD, a small town that was recently voted the coolest small town in America by Budget Travel.  As I walked down the streets and peered into the windows of the antique stores and boutiques, I could see why.  The town had such a unique feel, one that was both welcoming and calming.  Runaway Bride and Tuck Everlasting were filmed in this quaint town, which just adds to how cool it was.  And the hotel we posed in front of is supposedly haunted!  It was charming, but I don't think you'll catch me staying there!

None of my pictures really turned out from our visit to Winterfest, but it was a cute light display in Ocean City that featured displays of famous movies like the Wizard of Oz as well as Christmas classics like the 12 Days of Christmas.  I absolutely adored the hippopotamus for Christmas display that featured a giraffe, and the penguins that were fishing by their igloo.  One of my favorite touches, though, was the light-up shark that flashed in and out as music from Jaws played.  It was a unique, beachy touch.  I truly enjoyed my visit to Maryland, and I am beyond appreciative of Paul's family for inviting me to stay with them.
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