Control and Happiness

12:06 AM

In the past I always felt that my happiness was completely out of my control. During my more depressed days, I often made comments about how some people just aren't meant to be happy and I would suggest that maybe I was one of those people. To justify it, I decided that for whatever reason I just didn't deserve to be happy, and I didn't question that logic because my happiness was not my decision. It took me a long time to realize that I was wrong, that happiness was a choice (even though my mom constantly reminded me of that).

Even now when I feel like I'm at my happiest, I could still use a reminder every now and then that my happiness is my choice. On some mornings I wake up as if I've never experienced unhappiness in my life. Then there are days in which happiness seems to elude me. It might be something that I have to search for or work on during these days, but the extra effort is always worth it. A lot of people think horoscopes are silly, that they're general so they apply to a lot of people. I think they help us learn a lot about ourselves and our current situations. Not in a direct way as if they are telling us who we are, but by provoking certain thoughts. They encourage us to reflect on aspects of our lives that relate to the message.

The second that I read this horoscope, I felt relieved. I remembered that, overall, I am happy and that that happiness is my own choice. It is something that I control no matter how difficult life becomes or how much of a Monday I had this week. It's hard to remember that when we're sad, and it's almost difficult to claim control of our happiness because it clearly has an opposite... no one wants to take blame for their own unhappiness, especially not when it's easy to simply say that yesterday just wasn't your day or that fate is against you right now. To take control of your happiness is to admit responsibility for your unhappiness, but it is a necessary step when establishing your happiness and your control of it.
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