My Thoughts About Kim K

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Accompanied by GIFs (from Buzzfeed) that show how I imagine she would react to this.
I'm sure many of you have seen the photos of Kim Kardashian from her photo shoot with Paper. If you haven't, I'm sure you can guess that they have to do with her body since no one can figure out why else she's famous. The first one that I saw was of her backside. Her ass looks too big in comparison to the rest of her body, and she lacks proportion. The most recent one that I saw was of her completely exposed from the front view. I'll be honest. She looks great. I don't know if she works out all the time or it's all just severely photo shopped, but it works for her.

This photoshoot and the obvious photoshopping were not shocking in any way.  This is a woman made famous by an adult film...  I wasn't phased by the first couple of photos released, but the one of the front of her body fully exposed made me uneasy.
That being said, she is now a mother and a wife. I feel extremely uncomfortable thinking that her husband, even though he is Kanye and I'm not exactly a huge fan, has to deal with millions of people seeing Kim completely naked. Thank God North isn't old enough to hear about it, but when she is... I would never want people to talk about my mom in clearly sexual and degrading ways. Nor would I want to hear that about my spouse.

When you get married and you have kids, you are no longer the same person. It's not like you lose your identity and life is over, but you learn to adapt. You aren't just living for yourself anymore. You must think of the consequences that something has not just for you, but for your family as a whole. If you're wondering what an unmarried 21-year-old without kids thinks she knows about marriage and family, I know enough to know that you probably shouldn't be exposing your entire body to someone other than your husband.
For another opinion, one different than mine, visit Helene in Between!  She posted about this as well, and it's definitely worth reading.
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