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At least 90% of my personal inbox is filled with sales ads or Living Social deals.  I think I look at about 1% of those, and usually only if the word "free" or "food" is in the subject line.  There are, however, two newsletters that I have signed up for that I always look forward to receiving.  One is theSkimm, the other is The Muse.

theSkimm comes straight to my school email everyday around 7:00am.  It's an outline of all of the current news topics that you need to know about, even if you aren't a fan of reading the news.  This newsletter won't make you an expert, but it'll also keep you from looking like an idiot when someone brings up an important topic.  They keep things simple and straightforward, all while writing as if a friend is talking to you.  If you're interested in learning more about a topic they cover, they often provide helpful links.  I read this every morning on my way to class.

The Muse is a website that offers you career advice as well as get-your-shit-together advice.  No, they don't call it that.  You can sign up to see all of their resources and sign up for the newsletters, which often send interesting articles or helpful tips straight to you.  I get on this website at least twice a day, usually after reading one of their newsletters.  I highly suggest you check out the website, no matter what phase of the job cycle you're in.  Even if you're a student and you don't have a job yet, even if you are looking for an internship or just a way to spruce up your resume, there is something for you on this website.

Check out these websites, maybe sign up for their newsletters.  Let me know what you think, and let me know which websites or newsletters you enjoy!
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