What's in my makeup drawer?

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Let's be honest... at least 4 out of 7 days of the week I don't wake up early to do more than brush my hair and teeth.  On the extremely off chance that I wake up with more than five minutes to spare, I stumble to my bathroom and pull open this drawer of makeup.  It looks like quite a bit for someone who rarely puts on anything, doesn't it?  I admit that this isn't even half of the makeup that I own.  I'm not one for makeup brands you find at Sephora or even Ulta.  I don't like spending that kind of money on makeup that I can buy at a drug store.  Don't worry, ipsy is changing my mind about that.  In fact, most of the products pictured above are items that I received in ipsy bags.

My daily process is a quick one.  I start with Olay BB Cream as a moisturizer during the day, but some nights I use Rimmel London Stay Matte foundation.  If you aren't using a moisturizer of some sort, you should invest in some soon.  Winter winds can be pretty rough on your skin, especially in areas as sensitive as your face.  I use Be a Bombshell eye base in submissive, pop eye shadow, Elizabeth Mott you're so FINE eyeliner, and Rimmel London Lash Accelerator mascara.  I add concealer and loose powder to my bottom eyelids at night to hide my bags.  Just like that, I'm finished!  Some days I add lip gloss or lipstick, maybe even a little blush, just to add some color to my look.  I finish up by spraying hairspray to fight off the static, and rubbing in some hand creme to protect them from drying out.

What are your favorite products?
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