A Peak of Our Christmas Traditions

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The best part of the holidays is the traditions, some that vary year-to-year and some that never change, some that I'll include in my family's traditions and some that I'll adapt to fit my family.  This is honestly just a preview of some of the things we do almost every year, especially considering how many traditions we have just on Christmas Eve, but I wanted to share a few!

DECORATING THE HOUSE: My family always decorates the house, inside and out, for Christmas.  We actually used to synchronize our Christmas lights to Christmas music, but we had a few difficulties with it and haven't done it for a few years.  Not pictured is the lonely deer that looks like it has a chunk missing.  I keep telling my family that it looks like a polar bear got to it.
CHRISTMAS TREE FARM: We really enjoy having a fresh-cut tree, and there's no better place to get that than from a tree farm.  Last year we went to one that had cute reindeer, but it was kind of far away and we ended up buying a precut Fraser Fir that was imported from North Carolina (aka where we used to live).  We felt kind of silly buying a North Carolinian tree.  This year we went to a farm a little bit closer and got a Scotch Pine that we cut down ourselves.
DECORATING THE CHRISTMAS TREE: After our tree sits for twenty-four hours, we decorate it.  Each year we listen to Christmas music, make cookies, and get new ornaments.  We have so many at this point that it's difficult to remember which ornaments belong to who, besides my dad's ornaments.  This year my dad stuck an empty Diet Mountain Dew can in the tree.  Don't worry, it isn't actually there because Radar would help himself to it.

LOOKING AT LIGHTS: Yes, we are that family that drives around to look at other houses' lights, hoping we see something painfully tacky, like the yard full of Santas and Toy Soldiers and who knows what else (second picture).  Every now and then we also see something awesome like a house who has lights that are synchronized to music, complete with a personal radio station (third picture).  This year we also visited a light display with dozens of creative scenes.  I really loved the mama duck and her babies, and the other animal displays.

MAKING EDIBLES: Kind of a weird way to say that we build gingerbread houses and decorate homemade sugar cookies, but we do.  While most families would probably pride themselves on how adorable or creative, we do go for creative but we also tend to be really goofy.  There's always plenty of Christmas music playing while we do this, of course.  If you couldn't tell, my Rudolph cookie is wearing safety orange to stay safe during hunting season.

What Christmas traditions do you have?
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