Ghosts of Christmas Future

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How something or someone can have a ghost of the future is beyond me, but it's a play on a classic Christmas story so I'm keeping it.  As I've mentioned several times, it's difficult impossible for me to keep my mind in the present.  Even while I'm enjoying my current surroundings, I'm constantly thinking about what comes next in the near or distant future.  Early 20s must be the worst for that kind of thing because I seem to be getting worse, especially during the holidays.

The longer that Paul and I date, the more I think about our future.  This is only natural, of course, and my habit of thinking ahead only encourages this behavior.  Hearing about his family's Christmas traditions and reflecting on mine seemed like plenty of inspiration for me to think about our future Christmases together, but blogging had something else in mind.  As I read other people's traditions or opinions, as I see their decorations and festivities, I'm only more inspired.  Being able to peak into other people's lives is great when you need inspiration or options, but also difficult when you're indecisive like I am.  It's not that I want to do exactly what someone else does, it just helps to see things that I've never considered.

I like that Stephanie, Not Entirely Perfect, used rewards from Swagbucks to pay for Christmas gifts and it's something that I think I'll try for next year.  I know that Christmas expenses really add up, but I also enjoy giving people gifts so for now I'll really just try budgeting and using rewards sites.  I read on someone's blog (please tell me if you know who I'm talking about) that she and her husband visit one person's family for Thanksgiving and the other for Christmas each year, and then switch for the next year.  For now Paul and I will probably spend Christmas with our families, but eventually I'll totally want to do this!

For some reason I'm totally trying to plan my future Christmases from the travel plans to the wrapping paper to the parties even though I'm totally enjoying the holiday season that I'm currently in.  So I think I might have to take a break from Pinterest so I can fully enjoy the holidays without their Martha Stewart Christmases.  Besides, we all know that not everything goes as planned.
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