Home for the holidays.

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I never knew just how much I would love coming home for holidays once I didn't live at home anymore.  When I first came to college, I was thrilled to come home because I was exhausted and I really just needed a chance to be lazy.  My family still lived less than two hours away from me, so I didn't worry about making the most of my visits or even when the next visit might be.  It's a little different now that my family lives in another state.  I look forward to every visit with them, but I especially look forward to seeing them during December.
There is something so special about coming home for the holidays, as cheesy as it sounds.  Seeing other people in the airport, all trying to get home, would normally stress me out.  Since I know that they're trying to get to their families just like I am, it actually makes me happy.  People may be more stressed during the holiday season, but they also seem to be genuinely kind.  The decorations at the airport get me so excited for Christmas, especially the awesome tunnel in Detroit.

Traveling for the holidays means you get to pack your favorite scarves, plenty of warm socks, and presents for your family.  It means that when you get home, everyone will be even happier to see you.  It means that you'll be there with your family to take part in your traditions, like picking out the Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm or driving around the area to see light displays or opening one present on Christmas Eve.  My flight leaves around 4:30PM today, and I absolutely cannot wait to get home!

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