It's okay to relax.

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I don't feel bad about being lazy.  I used to feel guilty after I slept in until noon or took a nap at 3:00pm, realizing that I probably ruined my sleep schedule and I wasted time.  I would get anxious if I was sitting around at home or in a friend's home because I didn't feel like we were doing anything, even if we were having a great time.  I would freak out because life is too short and there's only so much time in a day and insert other cliches here.

We really live in a culture and time when we think we always have to be busy, whether it's with work or fun or God knows what else.  If you aren't working your butt off, you better be socializing with all of your friends or at least making plans to.  Some people plan their entire schedules down to the last minute, and at least try to stick to their plans.

You can try it, but it's hard and it's tiring and quite honestly it's usually unrealistic.  And it makes some people (aka me) feel like they've really messed up when they can't stick to their plan.  I would feel guilty about not blogging or not wanting to go out to do something when I'm freaking exhausted after a day of classes and work.  When I imagined my winter break, I originally pictured myself planning enough blog posts to last half of next year and maybe even getting a start on planning next semester.

After I slept in until nearly 1:00pm, I completely changed my mind.

It's 100% acceptable to take a nap when you're tired, to put things off until you have energy for them, or to just decide that you aren't going to do something.  You don't have to justify it by saying that you're too busy or that you deserve it.  Just go be lazy and spend time with your friends and family.  Take a nap.  Eat cookies.  Do whatever you want.  You deserve it.
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