Preparing for 2015 (with Links)

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I refused to post about the New Year until after Christmas, but that doesn't mean that I haven't thought a lot about it.  When you're a military dependent, you really get used to "new beginnings", and even though you think this would make me dislike them, I still love any opportunity to really start fresh.  I'm really beginning to feel like an adult now that I'm only a few months away from graduation, so I'm kind of focusing on organization (of basically my entire life) and finances.

1 / Planning my blog posts for the year.  Sounds a little ambitious, doesn't it?  I thought so too, but I found a method that is actually helpful and logical.  For the more motivated and creative of you, you might actually be able to come up with an entire year of post ideas within a weekend.  Apparently it's possible!

2 / Getting ready to file taxes.  I've never filed before, so I guess it's about time that I do so.  I've been pinning a lot of helpful links to my finances board on Pinterest.  I'm genuinely confused about how to file taxes and I'm definitely terrified, so if anyone has any tips then please let me know!

3 / Actually, I'm just trying to manage and organize my finances in general.  Since I'll hopefully be in graduate school this fall and will hopefully be purchasing a car soon, it's about time I get my ish together.  I like the idea of organizing my receipts, creating monthly budgets and getting in the habit of a weekly budget, and completing a 52 week money saving challenge.

4 / Aren't we all going to exercise and eat healthier in 2015?  Maybe I actually will this year!  These strength exercises seem like a good starting point, and so does this 8 week walking to running challenge.  I've heard that planning your meals ahead of time helps you make better meal choices, so I'm also going to work on meal planning!
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