Studying on a Weekend

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I will admit that studying for finals on a Saturday is quite possibly the most painfully boring thing anyone will ever have to do in their lives.  It really doesn't have to be, though.  You can change up your usual study techniques and routines to make it more interesting, or at least more bearable.

Make it your day to be productive.
This isn't a suggestion to avoid your studying by doing every chore under the Sun.  It is, however, encouragement to take breaks in-between your study sessions to get stuff done.  If you need to throw in laundry, put it in before you begin studying.  As you wait for your loads to be done, complete some studying.  While you're folding, take some time to watch your favorite show.  If you're a blogger, use some time to work on blog posts.

Get cozy and bundled up.
It's uncomfortable to sit around in nice clothes all day, especially when you're in a crowded library with stiff chairs.  If you've been productive all week, let Saturday be your more relaxed day.  Put on a pair of your comfiest sweats, pull out your softest blanket, and brew yourself a cup of coffee.  Don't get too comfy, though, or you might end up falling asleep while you should be studying!

Explore a new coffee shop.
People who say they don't like coffee make me feel uncomfortable, so don't tell me if that's you.  Starbucks and Caribou Coffee tend to be pretty busy during finals week, so that's not always the best option, even if it's my go-to option.  Chances are someone knows about a cute little coffee shop around campus.  Ask around and see where your friends suggest you visit.

If none of this will work for you, if nothing will work at all for you on a weekend, then maybe just take a day off.  I'm sure you've been working your butt off, so you obviously totally deserve it!
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