The Sunday Currently [5]

8:00 AM

READING // Sadly, all that I'm reading lately is a ton of textbooks and articles to prepare myself for my finals.  I can't wait to fill my carry-on bag with Cosmopolitan and Gone Girl, so I can read something for fun on the flight back home.  I also have a couple photography books that I want to read, even though I should probably read my camera manual before I keep messing with it.

CRAVING // Peppermint everything.  You know how people want all things pumpkin during fall?  As soon as November begins I immediately crave peppermint, which is strange considering I don't care for peppermint any other time of the year.

WEARING // All things plaid, layered with scarves, cardigans and yoga pants.  There is nothing cozier than being bundled up during this cold weather.  I would pretend that I'm wearing yoga pants all the time because it's finals, but I honestly can't think of the last time I wore real pants.  Or even thought about it.

LISTENING // to all kinds of  Christmas music.  Ariana Grande's version of Santa Baby, Mariah Carey's version of All I Want For Christmas Is You, Jackson 5's version of Santa Claus is Coming To Town, Elvis' Blue Christmas, Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Eve Sarajevo.

WATCHING // It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, in my spare time.  I've found a half hour here and there to watch an episode.  It's quite possibly the dumbest show on tv, but I need something mindless during finals week so I don't fry my brain.

PLANNING // Next semester, already.  2015 is right around the corner, and it has me thinking a lot about the next semester, like spring break, graduation, and even graduate school.  You should see the amount of spreadsheets I'm using to compare apartments and keep track of finances.

WAITING // To go home and see my family.  I have missed them so much, and the stress of finals mixed with the holiday spirit I keep seeing everywhere has made me miss home even more.
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