A Letter to My Sisters

6:00 AM

All three of you are at difficult, yet exciting times in your lives.  The first year of middle school, the first year of high school, and the last year of high school all have unique ups and downs that will, in a little way, shape who you grow to be.  They aren't determining factors, but they do have impacts.  It's a high possibility that you'll encounter obstacles and rough patches while you grow up, and I have some good news and some bad news about that.  The bad news is that there will always be rough patches, that's just how life is.  The good news is that no matter what happens, you are alive and breathing, and that in itself is a precious gift.

The three of you are the most important people in my life, even if I don't always express that feeling as well as I should.  You are all so beautiful, intelligent, creative, and unique.  There is not a single day that goes by that I don't think about how incredibly lucky I am to have such amazing sisters.  You would think that younger siblings would look up to their oldest sibling the most, but I know that that isn't true because I think we all learn from each other.  Remember that there is not a thing that I wouldn't do for you, and remember that no matter what happens you will always have a family that is standing by you.
As you grow up, it breaks my heart a little bit to see that you aren't little girls anymore, but I fill those cracks with overwhelming pride about how wonderful you are all growing up to be.  I don't want to admit it, but I know that this is all part of life and it simply means that everything is going as it should.  If you ever have a rough day or you just want to talk, text me or call me or blow up my Instagram.  I don't know how young people communicate anymore, clearly, but do whatever it takes to get in touch with me.  Chances are that I've felt the same way that you are feeling or I've gone through a similar experience, but even if I haven't I will try my best to understand and listen.
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