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6:00 AM

Happy Monday!  I'm trying to be optimistic about waking up early and staying busy this week, because I'm alive and it's above freezing and that's all I could ever truly need.  I'm kind of nervous because I have my first exam of the semester tomorrow, and I'm not sure if I'm adequately prepared for it.  Sadly, there's only one way to find out...  Not to mention it's not like all of my other classes just pause while I'm studying.  I still have to do everything else.

If you're on my page right now, I'm sure you can tell that my layout is quite different.  It's amazing what a few bucks on PayPal and an Etsy layout can do for your blog.  I love how organized and simple this style is, and I especially love the navigation bar.  Makes it easier to get around, does it not?
I'm pretty excited for this week because I'm supposed to be getting dinner with my sorority family AND the Super Bowl is on Sunday!  I'm not going to pretend that I know a damn thing about football, and I sure as hell don't pull for the Patriots or the Seahawks (I'm a Giants fan), but for some reason I have always loved Super Bowl Sunday.  Maybe it's all of the snacks.  Also, I'm so excited that Katy Perry will be performing this year.  She's already won the Super Bowl and she's going to Disney, everyone else go home.  Sorry, Brady.

Another reason to get excited for this week?  I have two of them for you.  Tomorrow Paul will be making an appearance on my blog for Blogger Men Tell All Round 5, and on Thursday I'll be posting about Wonder by RJ Palacio as part of The Life of Bon's book club.

I hope you have a productive and exciting week ahead of you, no matter what it may bring!

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