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Trying to compose my thoughts about today felt more like a tornado of nonsense than actual intelligible thoughts or even real sentences. Reflecting on my almost-complete four years of college felt more like I was reminiscing about a much shorter time period, maybe a month or so tops. When people tell you that college will fly by faster than you think, they are so right. I wish I would have listened and fully taken advantage of every opportunity I had, but I've had a good three and a half years and I can't go back now.

The day that I first went to Carolina, my dad had just come back from a deployment that lasted my entire senior year, and my family still lived in North Carolina. I was excited to move into my dorm, but I wasn't ready and I was well aware of that. Getting to know other freshmen, immersing myself in classes, and attending football games slowly eased me into the mindset that I could do it. Even after I passed out at the first home football game and had to have an IV that burst my vein, I really felt like I belonged at Carolina. My freshman year roommate really helped me through any rough times, ate almost every meal with me, and celebrated even the smallest things with me (including my half birthday).
It's strange to think back to that first semester of college when I thought that I would fail all of my classes if I ever did anything other than study. Now I would prefer to binge watch Netflix with a glass of wine every now and then, knowing that if I work hard enough I really do have time to relax, work, and do whatever else I need to do. My first semester of college I was eating a cheeseburger everyday and still managed to lose weight, but now I need to better manage my diet since my pants have gotten a little snug. I can't believe I once wore a lanyard around my neck and even a North Face jacket to a frat party...
So many things have changed since my first semester of college, and I'm hoping that my last semester will be my best semester.  When I got back to my apartment on Monday I was nervously relaxed, which actually makes no sense.
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