What's In My Bookbag

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planner | chap stick | backpack | tumbler | pens | charger | special k bar | hand creme | hand sanitizer | file folders | wallet | ipad
You can definitely recognize me on campus with my leopard backpack.  I actually got this on accident when my mom thought she ordered a different style from VS and this showed up instead.  I take notes on my iPad using OneNote for classes that allow electronics, but for my other classes I store my syllabuses, articles, slides, and other materials in file folders.  Of course I have to have a planner and fun pens, both of which I received as gifts from Paul's kind brother and sister-in-law (they know me so well!).  It's important to take care of yourself while you're on campus, so I bring a tumbler and snacks everyday.  ChapStick, hand sanitizer, and hand lotion are also really important to me during such a dry and windy season.  Never go to campus without your phone charger and wallet! Even if you don't plan on buying anything or you think your phone's battery will last, you never know.

What do you keep in your backpack?
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