Wonder (Book Review)

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I'm not sure whether or not book reviews will become a common thing on The Life You Love, but I guess we will see!  I decided to read Wonder for The Life of Bon's book club, and since then I've just wanted to read every book available in my school's libraries.  Too bad I haven't had the time and energy to do so.  I want to change that and get back into the habit of reading more than watching TV or being on my electronics all the time.
When I first started reading Wonder, I realized just how quickly I could read the book, and I really appreciated that.  Not only was it interesting, but since it was written from a fifth grader's perspective it was simple to understand and I didn't feel like the author was using unnecessary phrases or words. I thought it was extremely interesting that she wrote chapters about people's experiences with Auggie, the main character with facial abnormalities, through their perspectives.  You really see both sides of the story, as well as information that you wouldn't normally get if you were just hearing from one character.

I have a confession: I am an extremely emotional person to begin with, but I get pretty emotionally invested in books, and this one was no different.  I laughed at some parts, and I teared up when Auggie or other characters said negative things.  Hell, I even cried quite a bit when Auggie and his class "graduated" from 5th grade!  This wasn't the kind of book that made the world seem evil, and it surely didn't make people look great.  It just really showed that there is a mixture of people, all out there with various upbringings and their own set of issues.  It was uplifting, even during its sadder moments.

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