An Eventful Weekend

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+ A cocktail on Friday.  I started the weekend by going to a Flashback Friday-themed cocktail with my roommates.  One of my roommates and I decided to go as Posh and Baby Spice, and I think it was a hit if I do say so myself.  While we were at the event the song Wannabe came on, so it kind of felt like we were actually performing at a concert in a weird way.
+ Celebrating my roommate's 21st birthday.  One of my roommates turned 21 this week, so of course we had to have a party to celebrate!  Her boyfriend also turned 21 on Friday, and I'm so glad that they had a good time.
+ 365 days with Paul.  Yesterday Paul and I celebrated one year together.  There was no other way we would ever celebrate besides with Chinese food.  We went to Red Bowl for the first time, and we will definitely be going back.  If you've never had a Bento Box, find a place to get one now.  I had sesame chicken, fried rice, crab wonton rolls, and a ron roll, and Paul had basically the same thing except he had a chicken spring roll and a spicy tuna roll.  We wrapped up the night by having a coffee and library date, which actually happens to be our favorite.
"MichaelJordanDeanSmith" by Zeke Smith from Chapel Hill, NC, USA
+ Dean Smith passed away.  This absolutely breaks my heart, and I still don't believe that it happened.  Yesterday morning the first thing that Paul and I talked about was that Dean Smith passed away.  Although I hate to end my blog post on a sad note, this is a big deal for not only UNC students, but basketball fans everywhere.  We're talking about the man who perfected Four Corners and worked with Michael Jordan.

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