Born, Bred, Dead

7:00 AM

Tuesday was another snow day, another day that I got to sleep-in later than usual.  I woke up to a text from my roommate asking if I wanted to go to the UNC v. NCSU game with her since her dad couldn't make it due to the weather.  Of course I said yes!  About two hours before the game, she received an email saying members of a club on campus, one that she belongs to, would upgrade tickets for free.  Another "of course I want to do that" kinds of moment for the day.  The Tar Heels didn't win this game.  In fact, they didn't even play well.  But honestly, there was more to the game than winning or losing.

Before the game started, there was a tribute to the three Muslim students who were recently killed "over a parking space" here in Chapel Hill.  Every fan there, Tar Heel or Wolfpack, was united by the loss of these young people.  All attended NCSU for their undergraduate degree.  One of them was enrolled in dental school at UNC, and another was recently accepted into the program.  I cannot imagine losing someone, especially in such a horrible way.  The way that their friends and family have reacted has been absolutely remarkable and humbling.  After seeing the video about them and pausing for a moment of silence, I was reminded that I am lucky to be alive, and that I should be absolutely thankful for every day that I am alive, every basketball game that I can attend.
Another humbling moment happened during the game when I looked up at all of the banners hanging in the Dean Dome.  Do you see all of those banners?  They represent our Final Four appearances, our NCAA championship titles, our ACC conference titles, our retired jerseys.  There are all of these important and amazing representations of the basketball teams' accomplishments, and they always remind me that I go to a fantastic university with an incredible athletics department.  I'm graduating soon, and that scares me.  Being in the Dean Dome always reminds me that everyday is a good day to be a tar heel, and this day was no different.  I'm a Tar Heel today, I'll be a Tar Heel after graduation, and no matter what happens in the future I will always consider myself a Tar Heel.

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