Carolinian Snow Day

6:00 AM

I hope everyone who experienced the worst parts of the storm is safe!  I can't imagine getting more than we did, and we barely got an inch of snow and ice.  Here, that's enough to shut down basically everything.  Everything besides bars and select restaurants, of course.  Sup Dogs doesn't cancel mug night for the snow anything.  We were pretty lucky down here - we got enough snow to cancel classes, which meant my exam was moved to Thursday instead of yesterday, but we didn't get enough to cause much damage.  So how did I spend my snow day?
I drank hot chocolate in my freshly-made bed with freshly-cleaned sheets.  I watched Forensic Files on Netflix until I couldn't handle it.  I ate leftover taco tots from a Monday night trek to Sup Dogs.  I read a ton of blog posts.  I did a little bit of cleaning.  I slept until noon.  I checked all of my email accounts.  I did dishes.  I finished up an assignment for class.  I studied for a test in another class.  I laid around in bed all day, caring about pretty much nothing.
Sometimes I just need an extra day in the week, and this was that kind of week.  Not that there was a day magically added, but it surely felt like it!  College can be tiring, and a snow day is such a treat, kind of like a reward for all of the hard work you put in during the year.  This semester has been extremely stressful since I need all of my classes for graduation and I'm applying to graduate programs, and I could use any sort of break that I could get.

How do you use your snow days?

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