Find Someone Who...

9:46 PM

Reminds you of all of the good things about yourself,
Supports all of your strange habits,
Participates in your hobbies and interests,
Patiently wanders around the grocery store with you while you compare prices,
Can't help but smile when he/she looks at you,
Dreams of traveling the world with you,
Watches movies and eats popcorn in bed with you,
Doesn't freak out when you decide to name the kids you aren't even expecting,
Holds you close when you're crying no matter what the reason is,
Performs duets with you in the car,
Let's you have their leftovers from your favorite restaurant,
Knows you as well as you know yourself,
Doesn't question your obsession with checking the mail even when you aren't expecting anything,
Pretends you actually mean it when you say you're going to save money,
Enjoys doing anything as long as he/she is with you,
Talks to you about anything and everything,
Inspires you to plan your wedding,
Always misses you when you aren't around,
Cooks pancakes and eggs with you,
Will play in the snow with you.

That's what I did, and I can't imagine being with anyone else.

Samantha | The Life You Love
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