Friday Four (7)

7:00 AM

+ I can't explain just how much I hate Duke...
If you know a little bit about college basketball, you probably know about the rivalry between North Carolina and Duke.  I like to think that this is the most intense rivalry in US history since the Civil War, but what do I know...  On Wednesday I went to Sup Dogs, aka the restaurant on Franklin Street where I spend too much time and money, to watch the game.  And all it did was reinforce how much I love my university and how much I really hate our rivals.  At the end of the day, our blue is better and we have Sup Dogs and they don't.
+ The giveaway for a pair of Lillybee flats has ended!
Thank you to everyone who entered!  It means a lot to me that you visited my blog and participated in the giveaway, and I think I might host another giveaway soon since I feel like this one went so well.  I have contacted the winner, Erica A., to let her know that she won.

+ Southerners don't handle snow very well...
Afternoon classes were canceled on Monday, everything was shut down all day on Tuesday, and everything was closed or canceled on Wednesday morning as well.  It's still pretty icy, especially in some of the shadier walkways on campus, and it's still a lot colder than we're used to, but I think our snow days are over for now.  Or maybe not since I just saw a chance of snow on Tuesday and Saturday of next week...
+ This weekend I'm actually going to cook.
This isn't something I do very often, but every now and then Pinterest really inspires me to cook a real meal.  I'm making baked cheesy chicken pasta, creamy black bean chicken soup, and crockpot macaroni and cheese.  Not all on the same day, of course, even though I wouldn't totally hate that... I actually enjoy cooking and I figure I should get used to it eventually since I won't always have access to a dining hall, and I don't think Paul minds helping me try out new recipes.  I'll let you know how they turn out and what I recommend!

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