Happy Birthday, Julie Mom!

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After 20 years of running through grocery stores yelling "mom!" and seeing a dozen women (not including my mom) between the ages of 20-50 turn around, I decided that calling my mother "mom" in public just wouldn't do.  Hence, Julie Mom was coined and it's stuck ever since.  My dad, sisters, and even my boyfriend and my mother herself all use the name when referring to her.  Julie Mom's birthday is today, and I couldn't think of any better way to celebrate than publicly apologizing for all of the terror I caused her when I was younger, some of it just like the mini chaos caused by Esther's video that you can watch below:
Julie Mom,
I'm sorry that I thought a nearly dead rat was a kitten, and I'm even sorrier that I brought it inside the house.  I'm sorry that I always made fun of you for buying the same shirt in 5 different colors, because now I do it too.  I'm sorry that I preferred potato chips spread out all over the floor instead of baby formula neatly stored in a bottle.  I'm sorry for every time I threw a fit about not being allowed to hang out with certain people or after certain house.  I'm sorry for that time I threw up on your face when you lifted me up (in my defense I was a tiny baby with a sensitive tummy).  I'm sorry for every time I insisted I dye my hair and begged you to help me, just to realize that box color will actually never work.  I'm sorry for every time that I tried to help clean, just to actually somehow spread the mess around worse.  I'm sorry for making the girls mad every time I hug you and dad while loudly announcing that we were the original three.

I'll never be sorry, however, for every time that I called you or crawled into bed when I needed you.  I'll never be sorry to my kids when they roll their eyes when I tell them that life is a choice, because I learned that from you and I've realized that it's the truth.  I'm not sorry for always telling people that you're my best friend, and I'm not sorry for writing about your birthday here on my blog.  I'm not sorry that I've chose to spend every college spring break with you, dad and the girls because if there's anything you taught me, it's that family comes first (and of course rule number one: don't kill your parents).  I'm not at all sorry for feeling guilty every time I miss a birthday or holiday, and I'm not sorry for being excited to come home after graduation.  I will never ever be sorry for always putting family before anything else, something that you and dad taught me a long time ago before I even knew how to walk.  I'm not sorry for being part of your life, even though sometimes "being part of it" meant throwing up on you.
Thank you so much for loving me unconditionally, and teaching me unconditional love.  Thanks for trying to teach me patience and trying to get me to drink the necessary amount of water each day, but I don't think those two will ever happen.  Thank you for always instilling values and passing on traditions, like making holiday cards and always having a birthday cake no matter what.  Thank you for being a wonderful mother and an amazing best friend.  I love you, Julie Mom.

Samantha The Favorite

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