I Was Waitlisted, Now What?

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+ Tell your friends and family.  They will want to know whether or not you got in, especially if they're aware of when you were supposed to find out.  It's easier to talk about it when you're instigating versus telling people as they ask.  Don't feel like you have to tell everyone or talk about it, though.

+ Reflect on whether or not you want to attend that school.  If you don't want to go to the school, consider removing yourself from the waitlist.  There are other individuals who want to attend who are also on the waitlist, possibly behind you.  If you do want to attend, see what you can do to express interest in and commitment to the program.

+ If possible, consider other options in case you are denied.  I realized yesterday that I missed a lot of application deadlines for university's, some by a little over a week.  The University of South Carolina, however, still had open admissions and I immediately finished my application.  I am also considering applying for Teach for America.

+ Remember that any feelings that you have are completely valid and acceptable.


I spent the past two days anxiously awaiting a decision from North Carolina State's University's social work program.  When I received the email, the first two words in the preview were "Thank you..." and I knew that I didn't get in.  I didn't even want to keep reading, but I knew that I had to.  I have been waitlisted, and I was told that I will find out whether or not I have been accepted as spots become available.

Being waitlisted is an odd feeling.  I have friends who have experienced it, but I was lucky enough to have all of my undergraduate applications accepted.  Even if I had been denied admission, at least I would have a concrete answer and I would know what emotions to feel.  Right now I'm just confused about how I should feel: should I be upset?  Hopeful?  Disappointed?  It's hard not to feel a little dejected when you receive an email like that, knowing that other applications were selected over yours, but it's extremely important to remember that the applications were selected over yours, not people over you.  It's just as important to remember that there is still an opportunity for you to get into the program, and there were others who do applied and do not have this opportunity.

I'm applying to the social work program at the University of South Carolina now, and I'm just as excited for the opportunity to study there.  Their program is more focused on what I want to do with my degree, and they have a lot of information on their website that encourages me to want to get involved with not only my studies, but also the school itself.

I truly appreciate the support and encouragement that everyone has offered since I found out that my application was put on the waitlist.  I am remaining positive and contacting the admissions office to find out if there is anything else I can do.  Until then, I will remain hopeful and I will apply to USC.

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