The Super Bowl of All the Feels

11:41 AM

I'm sure all of you watched the Super Bowl, and even if you didn't I'm sure you've heard something about it from friends or the internet.  As always, the commercials are a huge part of the Super Bowl.  With so many people watching, it's advertising gold to play your ad during one of those commercial breaks.  I wasn't surprised to see certain brands, like Doritos and Go Daddy, but I was surprised by a few other brands that, even though I see their commercials all the damn time, gave me all of the feels.

The commercial that made me cry as I asked my boyfriend for a puppy:

The commercial that made me want to hug my dad, while I cried:

The commercial that just made me have so many feels:

The commercial that made me angry that I'm losing all of my data (jk I use all of it):

The commercial that made me feel really uncomfortable:

And finally, the commercial that warmed my heart:
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