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Chapel Hill Shooting
I feel as if I'm not entitled to talk about this issue, but I also feel that talking about anything else would be disrespectful and a waste of today's post.

As some of you may have heard, there was a shooting on Tuesday evening that resulted in the deaths of three Muslim students.  A young couple, the man in dental school at UNC and the woman attending dental school in the fall at UNC, were shot and killed along with the woman's younger sister, a student at NCSU.  In a time with race and religious tensions running high, people are questioning whether this was a hate crime or actually a dispute over parking.  I find one of those hard to believe, I'm sure you can guess which one.

Regardless of the actual reason for the senseless crime, I cannot think of one good excuse to shoot and kill three young adults.  I cannot imagine how parking or religion or race would ever justify killing another individual, and I refuse to believe that those will ever be reasons because it doesn't matter what race or religion we are - we are all people.  I believe that the reason that this horrible man killed these innocent people is because he is evil, an evil man who wrongfully and selfishly claimed the lives of three promising and intelligent students.  I'm generally one of the first people to discuss mental health issues in violent situations if they seem present, but this man is not insane or mentally ill.  He's an adult who knew exactly what he was doing, as evil as it was.  What sickens me the most is that there are others who, regardless of what they claim as their reasons, will kill innocent people and will show no remorse for their actions.

I cannot, at all, imagine how the family and friends of these victims are feeling.  It is impossible for me to put myself in their situation, as it has been difficult enough for me to talk about it until a couple days after the shooting, and I didn't even know the victims.  Hearing people's memories of them and seeing photographs makes me believe that they were great people, and it seems as if anyone who knew them can consider themselves blessed.  Even the students who didn't personally know the victims are deeply dispirited by the situation.  When one member of a college community hurts, we all hurt.  You haven't just taken away three innocent people, but you have taken away a sense of security and shaken our faith in humanity.  We cannot help but ask why something so horrible had to answer.  We feel compelled to share our opinion and condolences.  We cannot sit in silence while we are afraid, frustrated, and confused.

Lately, any problems that I have had have seemed trivial and irrelevant.  I am alive, I am healthy, and I am thankful for that.  That is more than some people can say, and sometimes we lose sight of that.  I hate that horrible crimes like these occur before we remember how precious life is, but that seems to be how it always happens.  I am not just reminded of how precious it is, but also how unpredictable and uncontrollable it is.  While I believe that people must eventually remain positive, we must also remain cautious and anticipative of what may happen to us even when we don't deserve it.

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