5 Reasons to Wear a One-Piece

6:30 AM

1. You don't have to worry about how you look while you're playing on the beach.
I'm happy with my body, but I still worry about how it looks in certain situations.  Sitting on the beach after binge-eating during finals week and not seeing the Sun for several months is one of those situations.  I only have myself to blame since I won't diet or use tanning beds anymore.

2. You won't lose any pieces when a gigantic wave crashes into you at a weird angle.
This has happened to you at least once, and you know it.  It was cute and actually kind of funny when you were five, but it isn't anymore.

3. More coverage means less sunburn.  #palegirlprobs
I fall asleep at the beach every time I go.  Sometimes after I forget to put on sunscreen.  And one of those times, I had a huge bow silhouette from my bikini.  Sunburn is nobody's friend...  And one time my dad woke me up by throwing seaweed on my stomach.  Coverage, please.

4. They make a lot of really cute styles from neon coral to classic black, bandeau to one-shoulder.
They don't just make these for children or moms anymore, I promise.  If Victoria's Secret carries something and they have it on their trend page, it has to be sexy in one way or another.

5. It's appropriate for any occasion.
Paul's family lives at Ocean Isle Beach, and that means that we visit the beach quite a bit and we also ride around on the boat often.  I need something versatile, comfortable, and cute!

How do you feel about one-piece swimsuits?  Do you have one?

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