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Some people ask me how I read stuff like this, and it's a simple answer: it happened, stuff like this still happens, and I feel that I need to be aware of it.  I was a 14-year-old girl once, I have younger sisters, and I eventually want to have children.  I didn't need to tell you this as I'm sure you already guessed, but My Story was unsettling and at times it seemed utterly hopeless.  I kept reminding myself that I already knew how the story ended, but I didn't know what happened between the beginning and the end... there was no way I could have guessed any of it.

I don't want to talk about the details of her account because I honestly want you to read the book, or at least look-up what happened to Elizabeth Smart.  Smart did not have the kind of writing style that you typically expect when you sit down to read, but she isn't an author and hearing about her experience through her voice makes the memoir more real.  I admit that at times I was just frustrated with her for not trying to escape even when the opportunity seemingly presented itself.  Still, I kept reminding myself that I was not in the situation so I don't know what I would have done.  I hated that she felt the need to keep justifying her actions.  No one who was in those conditions should ever have to justify what they do to stay alive, especially at such a vulnerable age.

The best part about the book (I swear there was something good about it) was Smart's strength, courage, and positivity throughout the book and even after she came home.  She talked about her faith throughout the book, never questioning God's love for her.  She states that God gave man free will, and therefore He cannot stop evil decisions that man makes.  He can only send her signs that He loves her and is still looking out for her.  It really made me think about why I have such a difficult time believing in God if this little girl who endured such terrible treatment can believe in Him.

If you read this book, you will probably cry.  You will temporarily lose faith in humanity.  You will become frustrated at Elizabeth Smart for not escaping when she had the chance.  You will feel speechless at some points.  You might not like her style of writing, and you definitely won't like the details of what happened to her.  But you will admire and appreciate Smart for speaking out and remaining positive in light of what happened to her.

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