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Using public transportation during college or while traveling is a great idea, but it can be a little intimidating. If you've never used public transportation before, you might be thinking, "How does one even use public transportation?" If you have used it, you probably know your area's pretty wel and have plenty of opinions about it. While you don't have control over when the bus arrives or who gets on, it's often a more convenient and cheaper option than driving and parking. In Chapel Hill, for example, the public buses are free and parking is a limited, expensive nightmare. Taking the bus or subway may be a better idea, but that doesn't make it less intimidating. These tips, however, do:
1. Learn about the routes online or in pamphlets. It's easier to navigate bus routes when you have an idea of where they begin, end, and stop in-between.

2. Download an app that tracks the buses. This will tell you where the bus is, which routes are currently running, and the approximate time they will arrive at your stop. For Chapel Hill Transit I use NextBus, which actually tracks buses in dozens of locations.

3. Bring hand sanitizer. A lot of people have held onto the same handrail you're holding and while I'm sure they're cleaned, it just isn't worth the risk.

4. Entertain yourself with headphones or a book. A bus ride from my previous apartment would take 20 minutes during the busiest parts of the day even though I lived less than two miles from campus. Download a news app, bring a book, or listen to a podcast to pass the time.

5. Always be polite and understanding. Not just to the bus driver, but also to the people riding the bus.

Have you ever used public transportation? What's your opinion?

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