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I pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma in the fall of 2012, just a few months after I decided that Greek Life just probably wasn't for me so I just shouldn't even bother.  When I went through recruitment with the constant questions about what the hell is going on and why everyone looked so happy, I decided that this whole Greek thing might just be for me.  Smiling girls in coordinated outfits talked about their late-night Cookout runs, the moment they found out who their bigs were, and getting ready for events.

None of those things ended up being my favorite part about being in Kappa Kappa Gamma.  I actually didn't know what my favorite part was until I went to Rome to study abroad the summer after I joined the sorority.  I lived with nine girls in an apartment, and six of us were in sororities.  Two of us were in Kappas at different schools.  That became my favorite part: meeting sisters from other chapters and being reminded that your sisterhood extends well past your pledge class and specific chapter.

When I see someone wearing letters in the airport, I want to walk up to them and ask them about their chapter.  I want to know if they practice our rituals the same way that we do, I want to compare how we do big/little reveal.  There is something so amazing to know that even when you are in a place where you feel alone and overwhelmed, you might end up meeting a sister who shares an incredible bond with you.

I'm not active this semester due to financial reasons, but I still proudly wear my letters.  There is something so special about these shirts, knowing that only people who know the same history and ritual as you do can wear them.  I can honestly say that I will proudly wear my letters even after I graduate, and hopefully one day I will have a daughter who will proudly wear the same letters.
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tank top: c/o Gone Greek
I received the letter tank top above from Gone Greek, and I completely personalized it to match my personality.  I chose a white tank top since I was dreaming of warmer days, and asked for letters in the Kappa Kappa Gamma Lilly Pulitzer print.  There are plenty of options ranging from t-shirts to baseball hats to fishing shirts.  Not in a sorority?  You can always get your monogram.  Oh, and Gone Greek is Greek product licensed!  Quality, inexpensive, personalizable, and licensed... you have no reason not to treat yourself or a friend!

Are you in a sorority?  What was/is your favorite part about being Greek?

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