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When The Monogrammed Midwesterner posted about the 30-day minimalism challenge, I knew I had to do it so I started on 1 March.  About halfway through the day I wondered what I would do in April when I no longer had this challenge to inspire me to make small improvements to my life that would add-up to a noticeable and helpful lifestyle change.  That's what the aim of this challenge is, after all, and I figured I should keep with it while I had the momentum and motivation.  Here is a list of other 30-day challenges that I plan on trying that you might enjoy as well.  I have listed these according to months (through August because I honestly don't know what I'll even be doing after summer) because this is what will work best for me.  If you want to challenge yourself as well, look through the challenges to see what works for you and then figure out when you can actually accomplish the things that are on the list.  You don't want to set yourself up for failure.  If you don't see any that you like, try looking on Pinterest.  All I did was type "30 day challenge" into the search box.  I didn't do a lot of eating or fitness challenges, but there are plenty of those.

March: 30-day minimalism challenge
April: 30-day cleaning challenge30-day declutter challenge
May: 30-day happiness challenge
June: 30-day kindness challenge
July: 30-day photography challenge
August: 30 days to domestic bliss

30-day relationship challenge
31 days of fitness
30-day drawing challenge
31 days of styling hacks
30 day beginners running challenge
30-day squat challenge
30-day butt lift challenge
30-day flat abs challenge
30-day thigh slimming challenge
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