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Just a couple weeks ago I was terribly nervous about my future.  People told me that college would end quicker than I expected, but I didn't realize just how quickly those four years would fly by.  I was denied admission to the social work program at two graduate schools.  I didn't know what I would be doing or where I was going to be after graduation.  I found a job opening online for an office administration job at an organization that works with children and families in a variety of situations.  After reading about their organization, I knew that this was a place where I would enjoy working, and I immediately applied.  After a phone interview and an in-person interview, I received and accepted a job offer.  I am please to announce that I will be working in Durham, just down the street from where I live right now.  I start part-time in a couple weeks, and full-time in early May.  It is  a huge relief to know that I will have a full-time job after graduation, and I am beyond grateful for this opportunity.

I just to remind everyone that this is a personal blog.  Nothing that I talk about on my blog reflects the opinions of any organization that I belong to, unless I say otherwise.  To celebrate my new job, I plan on posting about work throughout the week.  I hope this is helpful for other people who may be in a similar situation as I am.

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