five essentials for your new job

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April showers don't only bring May flowers... They also bring college graduates who may be frantically applying for jobs or wondering how they can successfully be "real adults."  Either may feel like a miniature crisis.  Even though you know that there are people who don't have jobs straight out of college, you still don't expect it to be you and the thought of it freaks you out.  And the thought of having a full-time job also freaks you out.  That's absolutely okay!  When you finally accept a job offer, the next step is making sure you succeed.  Having these four job necessities will help you do that.  You absolutely need a large tote in which you can fit everything.  Everything may include an iPad, pens, sticky notes, gum, bandaids, etc.  It should also include a reusable water bottle (I prefer one with a filter, like this one from Brita), a planner, and a fitness tracker.  If you thought getting 10,000 steps a day or completing all of your tasks was hard in college, just wait until you have several overlapping projects, tons of deadlines, and a desk.  Your Lilly Pulitzer planner is adorable, just like mine was before I replaced it, but it might be time to upgrade to something more detailed, like the Passion Planner. And yes, your iPhone probably does track your steps, but you can't carry it around with you at work so you need an alternative.  I just got a FitBit Flex on Friday, and I already love it.  These are all great investments for busy students as well!  And do I even have to mention how important it is to have a great laptop?  I ordered the gold MacBook on Friday, and I'm excited to get it.

What are your workday/college weekday essentials?

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