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Whether you're interviewing for a job, an internship, or even just for a friend's projects, the process can be intimidating.  Having an interview over the phone has its perks, but it's also a little tricky.  You have a little more time to process and handle questions, you don't have to worry about your appearance, and you can spread out as much as you need to.  You can also lose the connection and it may be more difficult to convey certain emotions or thoughts.

  1. Your space.  Pick a location that is quiet and comfortable.  You want to feel relaxed, and you really want to find a space where you can hear the interviewer (and he or she can hear you) with as few interruptions or distractions as possible.  This might be your bedroom or it might be a study room on campus!  Just make sure it's somewhere where you can clearly hear and focus.
  2. Your phone.  Make sure your phone is charged, and definitely make sure you're in an area where you get good service.  I would also suggest using earphones with a mic or a headset so you have your hands free to look at your various resources or take notes.
  3. Your resources.  Have a print copy of your resume in front of you.  I suggest making notes that are relevant to the position so you don't forget any important points.  Only you will see this resume, so mark it up!  I also suggest having your computer on so you can pull up any email conversations between you and your interviewer as well as the organization website or social media.  Be prepared!
  4. Your nerves.  Do not be nervous.  When people interview you they aren't judging you personally, they're trying to see if you are a good fit for the organization and if it's a good fit for you.  To calm yourself, don't worry about the interview for a few minutes before it's scheduled. And remember that you know yourself better than anyone else does, and you are wonderful!
How would you prepare for a phone interview?

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