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Y'all, I couldn't choose just one woman...

Ellie Kemper: Have you seen Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?  Ellie Kemper plays an amazing Kimmy, and her character is just the cutest.  The show is witty, silly, cheery, and even thoughtful.  It touches on a lot of serious issues that bring up great talking points.  Even in the first episode, Kemper's character talks about how she doesn't want to be seen as a victim and states that the worst thing that happened to her happened in her own front yard.  Those are two powerful thoughts.
Meghan Trainor: People have given her a lot of shit for her music, and I honestly don't think she deserves it.  She's 21... Seriously, she's only 21.  I didn't feel like All About That Bass was shaming anyone, even though I understand why people thought that, and I definitely don't think that Dear Future Husband is sexist.  I think Meghan Trainor's music is fun, catchy, and cute.  If you don't like it, don't listen to it.
And speaking of my woman crushes, Helene over at Helene in Between is hosting an Instagram photo challenge that I'm sure all of you will love, so check it out.  I'll be including my photos on all of my posts to remind you to participate.  Go on Instagram, follow Helene, and participate!  Bonus points if you follow me and search #30PhotosInBetween on Instagram to see what other people have posted.
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